Oct 10


We are not talking about a compensation plan “CHANGE”. We are talking about additional compensation to what already exists. Xowii’s first “Empowerment Pool” is in the history books as of October 1. Just shy of 30 people qualified for the pool and we are excited to see what the actual payout is going to be for each share. Xowii had its best month EVER in September so I am guessing the pool will run at about $700 per share. Some people, like our very own BRETT GURNEY, actually earned multiple shares in the pool. Congratulations to Brett. https://www.myxowiioffice.com/enroll/Default.aspx?ID=teamwork

Oct 10

Synaura and Elur Distributors Join Xowii

Xowii’s TeamXo is on the move. In less than 45 days TeamXo has built a team of more than 1600 distributors with over 60 new distributors joining Xowii and TeamXo in the last 24 hours. http://www.xowii.com/teamwork

Sep 10

Synaura, Elur, Xowii

TeamXO has offered both Synaura distributors and Elur distributors the opportunity to join Xowii for free. Xowii is about to open the international markets of Chile and Peru and is launching a new product line in the next 60 days.